Model X

Wind Noise from leading edge of passenger door windows?

I have a ranger coming back next week to attempt to fix this again, but curious if anyone else has had this problem. If I take a slip of paper a couple inches wide, I can't slide it in at all on the driver side doors. On the passenger side, I can get it in past the edge of the glass then it hits a lip about 1/2" in. Before the first visit, on the falcon wing window, the paper would slide all the way through and you could feel a breeze while driving.

Was fine with the breeze being gone, but now after a week since that visit, and rolling the windows up and down and a car wash, the noise is back even though I can't fit the paper all the way through. But, it definitely isn't as well fitting as the driver side. Not even close.

Anyone else? Or am I just lucky.


  • We have the same issue in our new MX. Service has ordered a new triangle section and say that will fix it. Driver's window was also being slow to raise when the door was closed, but they fixed that without needing parts.
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