Model 3

12v Aged and Degraded Needs Replacement

I just received this message 1 day after downloading 40.3. Only 2 years old and 28000 miles. It says it won’t download any future updates until replaced so I guess even if it was a bug I can’t get next update to maybe fix it. Of course with the awful service response because I can only speak through app, my 2 hour drive to service center is not until November 2nd and the same date with mobile service. I love the car but this company’s service after purchase is by far the worse? Now I have to hope it lasts until the 2nd, or they contact me through app like they did last time to help me further but the last help I received I was told the dashcam doesn’t record 10 minute intervals anymore, you have to save them. Unbelievably bad!


  • Schedule service on the app and they will come to you to change the battery. The price is about $110.00. What is so bad about that?
  • I did schedule service on the app. West Palm Beach or mobile are the same. Earliest is November 2nd. And it won’t cost $110, it’s still under warranty.
  • Should be warranty I don't see why you would be charged I was not no one else was who was under the time and miles of the base warranty.

    What state are you in as Tesla has a hard time setting up sales and service centers in most states due to outdated laws so it is not all Teslas fault for the lack of centers.
  • FWIW: The Other Car is a Prius which, like the Tesla, has one of those fiber-mesh based 12V lead-acid batteries whose only purpose is to keep the computers happy, the radio playing, and the lights lit. Starting and stopping the internal combustion engine in the car is the job of the computers, the hybrid system, and the semi-massive 300V traction battery under the trunk.
    About two years after getting the car in 12/2009, the 12V battery gave up the ghost. Got a jump from the SO (one can do that in a Prius) and drove the car to Advanced Auto. They had a replacement that, with their tools, I swapped with the one in the car in about 20 minutes.
    That was 2011. It's now 2020 and that replacement battery is still going strong.
    Point: It's not that unusual for a battery to fail in two years. And how long the replacement lasts is a Good Question: These types of batteries don't do deep discharge like the ones used in ICE cars so they don't get the wear.
  • Mobile service saves you 4 hours of driving. Was the service center closer when you bought the car? Do you think talking on the phone would change the availability of service? Would you sweet talk them into being less busy?
  • My last issue with the dashcam they started texting me well before that 3 week wait for service and tried to figure out what was wrong. There is no 12v battery replacement in the service app so I had to choose other, explain what’s wrong and sent a picture. So yes, if I could speak to someone to tell them the actual problem, especially since they were coming out with a software update to fix this issue, a regular conversation, not sweet talk would work. Call me old fashioned to want to speak with a “mechanic.” There’s no way a 30 minute fix for something that will prevent the car from working should take almost 3 weeks. Send me the battery I’ll put the f’ing thing in!
  • I was able to get in touch with customer service via replying to their text after confirming my appointment for November 2nd pleading that it was a 12v battery issue, (they do not know since it's not in the drop down box) and that it couldn't wait. I received a call the next day from Mario saying he agreed, once that battery error comes up you have limited days for before you are stranded unless jumped and many things stop working. He set up a next day appointment and when I told him I'd be at work and it was a different region, he called the Orlando center and made an appointment the next day for me at my work address. They showed up at 9:30 this morning and it took 10 minutes. I'm a very happy customer especially finding out a service center is opening up next month in Merritt Island which is 20 minutes away!!! I couldn't thank him enough.
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