Model S

Floor Mats

I'm looking for floor mats that completely cover the carpeted areas of the front driver and passenger footwells, at least. Anyone own some? Thanks in advance.


  • I have these in my 2015 85D and have held up well over the past 5 years:

    Not sure if this is still the best price, but easy to search and compare.
  • Thanks. But those look like they just cover the floor area and not the sides.
  • True that they go out to the sides but not up to create a deeper well. There is enough depth to where these will contain snow, salt, etc. We have bad winters here so I can attest to their keeping the carpets clean.
  • I've had these in another one of my cars. May be better suited to what you are looking for:
  • Those look similar to the Oedro's I bought last year, hoping they went all the way up the sides. I might just use them if I can't find what I'm looking for.
  • @DRFLGD I agree, something plush that went all the way around the to the plastic trim. Thick and plush, black and padded.
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