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Software Download

My model Y has not downloaded software updates but it shows a download icon at the top of the screen. When I look at the download page it want me to log the car onto a WiFi? I thought all software updates came thru the cars data connection. There is no WiFi anywhere near where the car is parked and I'm not going to use my phone's data connection when the car has one!


  • Definitely need a wifi connection to download vehicle updates.
  • I've had a Chevy Bolt for 4 years and all the updates came thru the cars data connection. I guess I'll have to troll the city for a public WiFi :(
  • Interesting term, "troll."
  • I couldn't log onto any of the public WiFi. I got an error about software compatibility. I guess this car isn't designed for urban dwellers who don't have a pretty garage with WiFi in it!
  • Cars use different methods for "data connection". GM uses cell phone type connection for data communication (I think they are with ATT now). But GM does a lot less data communication. Tesla uses bluetooth to communicate to the car as a key, and cell connection for other communications from your phone app such as controls. Communication to Tesla servers is done via WiFi (this is where the updates come from). I download over a metered WiFi connection. I have not paid attention to the actual size of the software downloads, but I don't think its too big ... I should probably watch the next update to see how much data it uses.
  • Go park near a starbucks . . .
  • Or a Tesla SC...
  • I’m still waiting. The car is in the garage with what looks like decent wifi. Just have to wait I guess.
  • You could always hotspot your phone.
  • > @mazers said:
    > You could always hotspot your phone.

  • Nah he likes to troll .... The city
  • You do not need to be on WiFi to get the icon indicating that an update is ready to be downloaded.

    You do need to be on WiFi to accomplish the actual download.
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