Model Y

Charging Times

I don't think the combination of Charging Schedule and "Scheduled Departure" and "Depart at" setting makes sense.
Charging schedule has nothing to do with my departure time.

I like to set charing times to specific locations, time window, and specific days, when my utility power is cheaper.


Monday-Friday: 8:00pm to 11:00 am
Weekends: all day

All days, all times

My typical departure time might still be 8am, but if I don't go to work during a specific week day, I still want the car to charge.

This is currently not possible in the Charging settings.


  • RainerS, are you in a cold weather state? The people/cars that benefit the most from the scheduled departure feature are those in cold weather states. Simply through the process of charging, the battery heats up which greatly mitigates the affects of cold temperatures.
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