Model X

MX rebooted on a Freeway- very scary!

Super scary! I was driving back home on Thursday 10/15 late evening ( 8 pm) when I put my MX in autodrive mode. Suddenly the screen and the speedometer turned black, as if the car has stopped working. This was the very first time for me...super scary. I was at 70s speed, turning the indicator to exit ( not knowing if it was even working). The A/C was automatically turned to cool which added to the panic situation. I got lucky in taking the nearest exit to catch a which time the system was back up. So this was a case of reboot with no indication.


  • I had same issue twice once while driving. I guess once you experience it, you know it is ok, still very odd. Hasn't happened in the past few months.
  • Ya, it's always "fun" when at night, one's entire dash goes black...…. :-) I have a 2014 Model S and over the years there have been a few times when I would initiate a reboot while going down the highway at night. It freaked my wife out, that was for sure, but having done reboots before, I was expecting it and also knew that it didn't affect the driving of the car.
  • It's important to be calm. The car is still driveable in that situation. It reboots and the screen will turn back on.
  • I had same problem twice, last one was to day at 7:30 pm, very scary
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