Model 3

Climate control Via App

Does anyone know if, when you turn on the climate control after being parked in the sun for hours, the climate only turns on at the last fan level or if it'll automatically go to max? ie. Assuming the car interior is 120° does it turn on the a/c at fan level 4 (which is the level that it was at when I parked) or go to 10 because it's roasting inside the car? I don't see a fan level control on the app (unlike the seat heater level which you can adjust from the app). I do see that the seat heater level starts off @ whatever it's last setting was.


  • It goes into Auto mode to get the temp to set point as efficiently as possible. That includes jacking the fan speed up if needed. It only takes my car a few minutes to go from 125° to 67°!
  • @M3phan

    Mine does not work that way. Unless I set it to LO or HI it runs the fan at my last speed setting. Difference may be that I always manually control the fan speed.
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