Model 3

2020 Model 3 not charging at home PCS_a016 / BMS_a174

The only thread I could find on this error code did not how much information. I just purchased a used 2020 model 3 SR with 4000 miles on it from a 3rd party vendor. I've been loving the car, but over the last week I've owned it I've had 3 encounters with this problem where it will not charge from home. I've tried multiple outlets and multiple chargers (friends with Tesla). I can supercharge but I can't home charge. Randomly it will let me charge at home with no alterations in my garage setup. I have a feeling that this is the issue the previous owner was having prior to selling it. Has anyone else had this issue or have any tips? I have it limited to 90% and have waited over an hour after not driving. I live in the south so we never get cold weather. There is nothing obviously damaged, the charger doesn't look like it's ever been damaged either. It's strange to me that one day it will charge fine, next time I need to charge it's not allowing. The screen will go 1/12a, 2/12a, 1/12a, then back to 0/12a but still show a time and says "charging" even though it is not. After about 10 minutes it pops up the error code to take out the charger and try again. I've done this 10+ times and taken it off the wall socket to reset the charger as well.

Things I've tried.
Factory Reset - Same result, just made my GPS and Time wrong
Updates - All current, even Advanced. Same result
Multiple chargers - Same result
Waiting for over and hour - Same result


  • Even if you are the second owner the car should still be under warranty.
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