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Connecticut Solar Roof - anybody else?


Just wondering if anyone from Connecticut has ordered a solar roof and their status and/or experience. I placed my deposit / order about two months ago and completed the “home assessment” (pictures / questions) a couple of days after that. Since then, my status has not moved from “We’re conducting a remote assessment of your roof and preparing for installation”. There are no ‘to do” under documents.

I have called / email my advisor… which as you all know takes time for any response. I get the usual “it will take three to eight months” to complete the whole process. I am assuming when the cold and snowy weather sets-in, that will delay everything till next year. I have just recently noticed that my advisor is no longer listed under my account / order, just the toll-free number.

I have also noticed, in my state, many job listings for Tesla Solar Roof installers and technicians. Not sure if they are just overloaded with new jobs, or still in the process of getting their teams(s) together.

Thank you and take care.


  • I placed my deposit a few weeks ago, after doing the initial upload of pictures and what not, I was told I could expect an estimate come late January 2021. I am also in the process of getting other roof quotes, solar and non solar. I'm not in a rush but would really like to see Tesla's solution.
  • Thank you Whammer for the update. My situation has not changed.
  • I have also experienced the project advisor shuffle. I ended up with general solar roof support and that's what it still shows in my order for the last 3 months.

    I can still talk to someone at Tesla--In my case I don't think there was much actionable work to warrant an advisor as there are no installations happening in Seattle for Q3 and Q4 2020.
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