Model X

2021 MX cheaper than 2020?!

I received my new MX less than a month ago. I saw that 2021 got a 20 mile range boost so I went to look at the new model. And it turns out it is $2K cheaper than what I paid (when configured identically). Is this a normal thing? Am I just a fool?


  • Normal. Paid much more for a 2016.
  • Paid 130K in 2016 for 90D for a 256-mile range!
  • Damn. That is frustrating.
  • I am guessing that the battery tech is still the same. The 20 mile boost will probably be unlocked in your MX via OTA. At least I *think* so.
    Otherwise, the technology getting cheaper as the time goes on is not a new concept.
  • thats how it works
  • Paid $110k for a 75D with premium upgrades and now the upgrades are standard and significantly cheaper. I just traded-in for the 2021 Model X due to increase in range and over time my 2016 model’s mileage has been decreasing. I wish Tesla would do something to honor those who took that leap of faith with their first models.
  • totally reasonable. paid 100k+ for a 2016 model X 90D. The hardware price drops. Elon partially offset it by increasing the software price. For example FSD will be 10K starting Monday 10/26 ( It was 8K. Overall, the trend is going down though.
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