More batteries on body of teslas idea

Hey try making the hood have a battery underneath it also the trunk lid & the headliner without being in the way of course.I think this would add more distance for the vehicles to drive.


  • Isn't 400+ miles enough? How many more miles do you need and willing to pay for? Adding more batteries will also reduce cargo space.
  • 300lb hood?
  • Roadster will have 600 mile range, and I guarantee they will do that without screwing with the low center of gravity by shoving heavy batteries up into the hood
  • Do you really want batteries in the vehicle crumple zones?
  • It would reduce the safety in a wreck as you would have batteries and live wires running in more places through the car body.

    It will also significantly increase cost and complexity. See Sandy Munro on YouTube for a better explanation of why.
  • If the Model 3 exceeds 400 miles range, that will be more than plenty.
  • OP, you are kidding right.........? Do you even own a Tesla?
  • Don’t forget in the steering wheel
  • Mannnn, can you imagine how many batteries we could fit in the tires..... Brilliant idea ItsMe. All of those spaces Tesla clearly overlooked.....
  • Incorporating additional batteries into the hood and other body panel areas would, in addition to the concerns raised by @stevenmaifert_12203 and @mbowden_98415965, also pose battery integrity issues relating to its performance as damage could/would impact its overall ability to accept, retain and dispense charge which could result in increased expense for replacement.
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