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Instrument cluster failure

I have a 2016 model S 75D which has started to have the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel initially freeze up (cool green matrix lines) and now stays black most of the time until I reboot. Sometimes the car will go into gear and drive without a reboot and sometimes not. Had it in service recently and they said it is a problem with the firmware configuration and it is a know issue without a current solution. They will let me know when they can fix it or possible it might get fixed in the next over the air software update. Anyone else having the same problem? Any fixes?


  • I too heard that there are some gremlins in the last update. I am on 202.36.11 and sometimes the instrument cluster doesn’t come on right away upon entering the car. Sometimes its the center screen. I just put it into gear as normal and drive. The screens don’t affect the movement of the car.
  • I too have the centre screen boot up before the instrument screen on occasion. I thought it was just related to the MCU2 upgrade I had done back in July. Another issue, perhaps only with the upgrade, is that the backup camera is very dark compared to the MCU1 view. Really noticeable when entering a dark garage from a brightly lit outdoors.
  • I don't know how long either of you have been owners, but perhaps this will help lessen your concerns. Over the years, there have been numerous updates that have unexpected glitches. Tesla then works on a fix and sends out another update to correct it. When you get an update after one that added features, but not this time. That other update contains fixes to any bugs found in the previous version. For example, as I said I am currently on 2020.36.11. This update only contained minor fixes. It was the 2020.36.4 that gave me the ability to get notifications that my doors or windows were open. Well, whatever minor fixes 2020.36.11 contained was not enough. So, I expect there will be another update and perhaps that will be 2020.36.12 or higher.

    Tesla releases SW updates in batches. As each batch goes out, they discovered the glitches, create a patch and when the next batch goes out, it should have those original glitches squared away. So if you were one of the first ones to get an update, let's say 2020.36.1, when they send out 2020.36.2 for you it will be just minor fixes. For those that still hadn't received 2020.36 yet, they get the added features you got, but in theory, without the glitches you saw.
  • An MCU1 car driver display has its own computer. It can be on independent of what the MCU1 is doing.

    An MCU2 car driver display is a second display connected to the center display computer (MCU2).
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