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Premium Connectivity Free Reversed ?

not to get our hopes up, but could this be true? Premium connectivity being free for us again?

For the record I am still under the 1 year free subscription. 2020 LRAWD


  • My account page still shows monthly billing.
  • It's only shown up in Canada, might be a glitch there. It doesn't make sense that they would drop the charges for premium connectivity.
  • My M3 LR AWD is now 1 year and 14 days old. I haven't had any e-mail from Tesla yet to warn me that premium connectivity ends or will be billed in the future. Maybe it's because my Tesla is leased ? In any case, I don't complain of course:-)
  • @T_Scheen - Leasing has no impact on whether you pay for Premium Connectivity.
  • > @EVRider said:
    > @T_Scheen - Leasing has no impact on whether you pay for Premium Connectivity.

    Sounds obvious, however I'd love to see the leasing conditions between the leasing company and Tesla Belgium anyhow.
    When going to my Tesla account, I hardly see any details on my car either. I can change email, payment details and SC history but that's it. No mentioning of premium connectivity status and there's nothing to order as option, for example acceleration boost, or FSD. Nothing in app either.
  • Some of the comments in articles have indicated there was a class action against premium connectivity for some canadian owners as the documents did not indicate there would be a fee applied for the features at a later date.

    "Sub-group no.1 “All natural and legal persons who have ordered or purchased in Quebec, between July 1, 2018 and May 18, 2020"
  • My account is still being charged monthly
  • I have a M3 LR AWD ordered in March 2019 in Canada. In my account it’s now showing free unlimited premium connectivity. 👍
  • Finally able to log into my account online. As of 10/21 display "Subscribe" for $9.99
  • I am still on monthly billing and to be honest, I am not all that worried about $10 a month for the service considering everything you get...

    At $10 a month it's a serious bargain! Would I complain if they made it free? Obviously not but I won't complain about $10 a month either..
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