Electric pickup

Just a thought:
I have no interest in long distance hauling with a pickup (I would probably rent one for that), and I'm not wild about the Cybertruck styling.
Most of my use would be local, so range is less important than functionality, styling even less so, unless it enhances functionality.
Has the possibility of partnering with an establisheuhd pickup manufacturer been explored?
Said manufacturer could provide finished vehicles minus drivetrain, which Tesla could install, or Tesla could provide drivetrain components the manufacturer could install in their facility...
The Big Three might not be interested, having their own EV programs; but a smaller company might be receptive.


  • I think Tesla considered making a more traditional pickup if the Cybertruck was a failure. With the massive demand for the Cybertruck, I expect a standard pickup is now on the back burner. Tesla sells everything they can make, so there isn't much interest in picking up some shell from another automaker that may not be well suited to an EV. It would also make it more expensive and/or less profitable for Tesla. Still, it's not out of the question. In the past, Tesla provided drivetrains to Mercedes and Toyota.

    The good news for those that don't like the Cybertruck, there are quite a few standard pickup truck EVs in development by other automakers. I'm sure there will be a demand and lots of competition in that category. Having something quite different is likely a plus for Tesla, but what a gamble at the introduction.
  • I would love to purchase a Cybertruck kit.

    Either a chassis roller: where I could put a classic 1950's or 1970's GM,ford truck body or upgrade my Toyota 4-runner with, OR a full

    DIY Cybertruck: build it yourself kit, where you and I can build a simpler but useable version of the Cybertruck.
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