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Possible PowerWall problem

I have a full system (Tesla Panels and 2 PowerWalls PW) installed a bit over 3 years ago. For most of the current month, I have used no grid power. Each day the PWs would charge to 100% and that would cover the house needs until the next day when they would charge back up to 100% (with surplus going back to the grid). On Friday
morning (10/16) I noticed that I was using Grid power in the morning, even though the PWs had charged to 100% the day before. There was no unusual home usage. (Did not have any Tesla MS charging done) Looking at the App, I noticed that prior to Friday, the PWs were providing around 10 kWh per day. Starting on Friday, they only produced 6.1 kWh and the Grid kicked in. Today, the PWs are charging, but I noticed that only 1 of the green light bands was blinking green. The other was solid green. Could it be that one of the 2 PWs has stopped taking a charge? I thought I'd check here before contacting Tesla service. Thanks.


  • Edit: change "blinking" to "pulsing".
  • PWs in parallel should behave the same. I'd call Tesla Customer Support

    These have worked for me, and others:

    1-888-765-2489 or 1-877-961-7652

    Please let us know if the above numbers no longer work, so we can update our info.
  • I called customer support at 877-798-3752 and spoke with a tech. Level 1 tech wasn't able to fix, so got bumped to level 2, but in the mean time, the steps level 1 did have left me without any PWs. That was Monday afternoon. Today (Wednesday), just crickets. They must be really busy. One interesting thing I've noticed. When I had working PWs, when I would charge the car during good sun, the load to the house was split between the solar and the PWs. Now with no PWs, even though the solar is generating a fair amount, when I charge the car, it shuts off the solar and everything comes from the grid.
  • Very curious.

    Thanks for the new phone number. I've added it to my list.
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