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Hi there!
I finally joined this great forum.
I have seen many threads related to range under different conditions.
I have developed a tool that analyzes all cycles on realworld conditions for all the EV's in the market. It allows to upload a GPS datalogger file of one specific trip or commute giving you the range estimated for the conditions selected. You can play with accesories consumption, front wind speed, number of passengers onboard, % of slope (if not on the GPS file), ambient temperature, etc. It can even modify your cycle driving pattern to make you reach certain desired range.
Just for the record. the results for Tesla models are:
CONDITIONS: 1 passeger 75Kg, EPA cycle (NO slope), 1kW from accesories, 25ºC ambient, 0 Km/h frontal wind speed:
Range (Energy Consumed): 339Km / 211 mls (154Wh/Km - 248Wh/ml)
2.4kW from accesories (estimated A/C consumption): 298Km / 185 mls (-12%) (176Wh/Km - 283Wh/ml)
MODEL S 85kWh Battery
Range (Energy Consumed): 402Km / 250 mls (209Wh/Km - 336Wh/ml)
2.4kW from accesories (estimated A/C consumption): 365Km / 227 mls (-9.3%) (231Wh/Km - 372Wh/ml)
A little under claimed figures, as you can see but closer to real world, I guess.
Just having a Time-Speed-Height GPS file makes it work for any model and conditions selected.
If someone is interested in doing any kind of specific simulations feel free to ask.
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