Solar Roof

Solar collector fiber optc lighting idea

Hey ItsMe try making all lights on tesla fiber optic like all accessories even brake & Tail lights.You could magnify like a maglight diopitor.Also have fiber optics over the solar panels magnified to increase solar panels using both as one to produce more electricity.


  • Interesting idea for solar, but I expect it would double or triple the costs. It would also require much thicker/larger panels which is often a limiting factor on roofs. The way the lens work, it would also reduce the output when the sun is off-center (most of the time) to close to zero. The lens and optic fiber would also contribute to some losses as well. Sorry, I don't see a way that it makes any sense.
  • I'd be surprised to find that such ideas had not already been considered, and rejected, by engineers whose expertise is in PV and optics.
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