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9% battery degradation in three years - good or bad?

I'd love some thoughts on the following.
I have 2018 MS 75D MCU 1 & AP 2.5 when purchased (March 2018 build) now upgraded to MCU 2 and AP 3. Running on the 19 factory goodyears. When new I was getting rated range of around 400 KM at 100% SOC and it stayed like that (plus or minus 5-8KM) till about 30,000KM then began to drop into the low 390KM at about 35,000KM, then low 380Km now at 375km at 100% SOC with 49,465km. So that works out to about a 9% drop in three years.
Normal? Shouldn't it have levelled off at some point?
Charged to 100% maybe 7 times (twice at the request of the SC) and I have supercharged maybe 30 - 40 times in total. Mostly charge between 20% & 90%.

Information is from the Stats app that I've had since day one.


  • I have the same year and model, also upgraded to MCU2 & HW3, with FSD, currently on software version 2020.40.8. My degradation is also at 9% currently, so I believe it is normal. Though last month, for some unknown reason, when I tried to charge to 100%, the charge was stuck at 95% (not to be confused with the range indicator... the car actually confirmed the full charge stopped at 95%), but now back to normal with 100% full charge if set, I attribute this to the software upgrade glitch...that was a couple of versions ago. Can't really complain about the degradation, it is expected, gone all over the country with it with no problem. ICE car burns more gas as age increases, but what car can be upgraded and updated with new and increased functionality? Very happy with the car, look forward to receive more new FSD features.
  • Mine is at about 7% with a similar vehicle (late 2017 S 75 - not a "D"). When new, 90% charge was 219 miles. It is now 204 miles. So it seems like this is about normal for this pack / configuration.
  • Actually, 7-9% sounds a bit high to me, I'd expect 5% or less but there can be factors that might have a bit more degradation. Have any of you done a range calibration? Instructions and a lot more about range, range inaccuracy, and charts showing typical battery degradation:
  • I have a 2017 S 100D with 96,000 miles. It has lost 5%.
  • Thanks everyone. I baby the battery so when the big drop occurred I was concerned, I asked Tesla to look at the battery but they tell me that it's fine and just enjoy the car. Which I do - Love this car but not knowing if something is wrong with the most important part of the car is a little frustrating. Anyone know of any aftermarket diagnostic tools?
  • 2014 S85, 183K miles, 8% range loss. Like TT said, try doing a recalibration of the pack. Run her down to about 10%, then charge it up to 90-100%. Be sure though to not let it sit at a 100% for hours on end. Use it up and be sure to get it below 90 before letting the car sit over night/all day. It may take two recalibrations to get the algorithms to reset and displayed a corrected range.
  • Something to keep in mind.

    While your battery max capacity might degrade over time, your performance shouldnt suffer over time like a gasoline engine.
  • andy_connor_e +1,000 My car still accelerates as fast as it did new. Absolutely no loss of performance.
  • As promised I calibrated my battery and degradation fell from 8% to 7%. Either way it seems to be in line with others have experienced for a 4 year old Model S with high mileage (131K+).
  • Glad to hear...If you normally use only 2/3 of the capacity, as is recommended, then you actual loss is more like 5%.
  • I have a May 2018 Model S 75D. It lost about 9% - to 193 miles rated range on the display at 80% charge - less than 2 years and has stabilized at that level. One upgrade ago it increased to 198 miles at 80%, but only a few days later I upgraded again to 2020.40.4 and it went back down to 193 miles at 80%. I've never done the re-calibration thing. I plug in all the time at home, so I rarely get below about 60% charge. On the few long trips I've done I've noticed that by the time I reach the next supercharger I have ~10% more charge than was estimated when I left the last supercharger, so I'm not concerned with the apparent loss.
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