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Future owner - Live in snow country

HI all. Looking to purchase my first Tesla (model S long range) in less than a year. Have test driven the 3, Y and the S. For me, hands down, the model S is the car for me. Looking for some feedback as to driving and owning a Tesla model S in snow country (Northern California/Reno Nv. area if you're curious). Seen plenty of videos of Tesla's driving in snow but was wondering how deep the snow can be before the it's a real problem for the Model S. I realize the 2020 S has air suspension and is capable of raising it self to 6". What is the maximum depth of snow the model S can drive safely?
Also, any real world feedback from loss of range in cold weather would be appreciated too. I've done lots of research about cold weather and range loss but always trying to find out more from owners who have cold weather experience (driving, range loss, etc). I'm also planning on buying snow tires (non studded). Do you have snow tires on your model 3? If so, is the driving experience that much better?
Looking forward very much to my Tesla. Been a fanboy since 2012. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer/reply if you do.


  • In powder, I drive in all depths. Over a foot of the denser stuff might be a problem. You can high center. Car is excellent on all seasons and unstoppable on snow tires. And that’s even my old rear drive model.
  • Went to add winter air to my tires and only just now remembered I’ve been running the latest set of X-Ice year round. The last set died prematurely in a pot hole at 58k miles. Other summer and AS tires have only lasted 13k-32k miles.
    The RWD Model S on snows outperforms my AWD Model 3 on all seasons in the snow.
  • BH - Is there a special additive in winter air? :-)
  • I put in cold air so the pressure doesn’t drop when the weather gets cold.
  • Take it a step further - liquid nitrogen.
  • We have a S & 3 running all seasons in New England. Never had any issues and wife swears her 3 is better in snow than the Subaru it replaced. Range is going to take a 20-30% hit in the cold, but unless your commute is crazy it does not affect your daily trip and it only adds a few minutes of charging time on road trips. Even in cold weather the battery range exceeds our bladder range.
  • ITMonkey, there's the "Slip Start feature a traction control feature - to help free the vehicle from snow, sand or mud.
  • By the time you get your S the range loss will be less due to possible heat pump replacing the current cabin heating solution.

    I drive my car in Syracuse, NY and it's fine. I recommend using snow tires.
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