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Powerwall 2 sign in problem

I've had the Powerwall 2 since August 2018 and had no problems till this week (Oct 9th onwards). I have an Android phone and tablet, both have access to the Powerwall 2 via the app. Recently, when I fire up the app on my phone it works as normal but on the tablet, it asks for my E-Mail and password. No idea why. I know that the password is the STG gateway serial number (that displays on the Tesla app) and the E-Mail is the only one I have. I also added a Tesla car in July 2020 and that appeared in the same app on both devices. Now of course I cannot sign on to the tablet so cannot see either of them. I can still see them on the car side of the app and also the Powerwall 2. Any ideas please. Thanks.


  • When logging on via the phone app, you need to use your name and pasword the same as when you accessed this forum or your account via the web.

    The STG serial number is used for logging locally via the web with a 192.168.x.x type URL (which isn't very useful).
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