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12v battery

Hey everyone. Have a question about the 12v battery in my MS. I got a notification that it needs to be replaced soon about a week ago. I made an appointment with the service center the next day for a few weeks from now. Today the warning notification went away. Should I still go ahead and replace it? Does this happen often? Thanks in advance!!!


  • Yes, absolutely.
  • Don't recall hearing about the warning going out on its own, but you do have sometime before it becomes a real issue. Typically you have 3 weeks. When I got the error message, I already had a schedule service appointment schedule two weeks from that point. So, I just kept driving and it got replaced at the service. BTW, this was before Mobile Service existed.
  • What year is your MS? I wonder what is the life span of 12v batteries
  • The first 12V on my 2015 MS lasted nearly 5 years. But the replacement lasted only 6 months. Mobile Service replaced it today (on warranty).
  • 2-4 years seems to be a normal range. I replaced mine after two years as a proactive measure. Load tested at 18 AH, rated at 33AH.
  • My January 2016 S90D is a couple months short of 5 years. There have not been any warnings about the 12 volt battery.

    On the other hand the battery in my 20 kW backup generator gets replaced every 3 years. When the power fails is not the time to find out that a new battery is needed.
  • My first one lasted 6 weeks. My second lasted 3.5 years.
  • Factory 12 v last 4 yrs/107,000 miles.
  • 46 months / 40K miles. Replaced free this morning, and even included a car wash. Columbus OH service center.
  • > @Adeel421 said:
    > What year is your MS? I wonder what is the life span of 12v batteries

    It’s a 2015 with 40k miles. I just went ahead and had it replaced anyway. Better safe than sorry.
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