Model S

My tesla door hinges pops and squeaks

My driver upper door hinge makes a popping sound closing and opening and even sqeaks what is that about


  • Needs lube?
  • What kind of lube does it have grease fitting or just spray some penetration oil on it
  • Lithium grease, of course.
  • Just spray Lithium grease on the hinges.
  • Well, the popping noise would be coming from what is called the "door check". This is the mechanism that provides the resistance when opening the door and keeps in in position. IMHO lithium grease is too thick to help with the hinges but may help with the door check. For the hinge, try PB Blaster or if you can't find that, WD-40.
  • The part has to be replaced. There are no lube/grease points.

    I had the same issue with the upper driver door hinge. The part is $100 and 1/2 hr labor cost.
  • I figured that popping noise has to be coming from that but the tesla doesn't have a separate door check from what I see its all built into the upper hinge why it only makes it the popping sound closing.
  • Door checks are inside the door frame.
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