Idea Towable Trailer with batteries

It's Me I have been writing you since you started Elon from Santa Maria CA went Paloalto Micro Brewery but you were out to lunch anyway I been trying to buy one of these Tesla pickup but I need trailer batteries so I can go farther to hide from these terrorist in the trucking world of dead. Well if you get if you get time I will be driving semi buts its not a Tesla I guess Stan Koch & Sons can't afford them too busy playn golf with Trump.Four.


  • Still better than a verified fish post.
  • How many more idiot post are we going to get from trolls?
  • Seems to be an OpenAI GPT-3 bot in training. Feed it thousands of troll messages, and it generates madlib-style posts from the worst examples of downvoted threads here.
  • I'll bet it's the guy that somehow got invited to one of the media events a while back and asked Elon one of these perpetual motion questions.

    I can't remember Elon's response but the level of awkward that fell over the room after the question was priceless.
  • The post is clearly useless, but the click bate title is interesting. Would be cool if Tesla had a line of boat and utility trailers that had their own battery packs so you didn’t lose much range when towing. Of course the weight of the added battery would add drag so not sure how that would work out. Interesting idea though. Would you buy a Tesla trailer?
  • I was thinking a cybertrailer that could even have a motor for regen / accel. Started a thread asking the same question (ish) over at TMC :)

    My thinking is a Tesla would be smart enough to manage an articulated vehicle like that, but then there may be issues with licensing agents (MVDs that is)?
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