GM Hummer EV first look today


  • Just go to the source.


    The commercials are great. A big boost for EV's everywhere.
  • Why are they still estimating how many motors it will have?
  • 350 miles of range max not that good. And for that price. I wish them luck
  • The $80,000 version won't be out for 4 more years. First versions will cost $112,595.

    If GM was really serious about an electric future, they would take the loss and market this at a more realistic price. This is all just to protect the sales of their ICE trucks.

    Also, where are the videos of "John Q public" driving this Hummer? When Tesla reveals a new vehicle, even if it is 2-3 out from production, they let people ride in it.

    I didn't coin this expression, but it definitely applies to every GM EV "reveals". "You can't test drive a PR release".
  • I didnt even catch that part.

    I also find it humerous at that, they actually are marketing "Crabwalk".
  • “ big boost for EV's everywhere.”

    At $112,000 for the first available top of the line, I’m not sure it’ll be “a big boost for EV’s everywhere”.
    The average truck guy will look at the $112,000 price and simply get turned off, potentially turning him off to consider any EV truck in the future.
    I wish GM the best, but I have the feeling other than a limited GM hummer base, it’ll be not much more than another of GM’s effort to try to enter the EV space, and will end up mostly unsuccessful at that.
    Remember the Bolt? Was Supposed to be a “serious” competitor?
    Check out the numbers, how’d that turn out.
    Give GM credit for trying, Hummer has some very cool features.
  • GM has never sold an EV with the intent for it to consist of any significant portion of their annual vehicle production. They are following suit with the Bolt. Hype it up with marketing and look at that website dude. Its all hype, and they will be lucky to sell more than 50k per year.
  • Not giving GM any credit. They are not "trying", they are just trying to show investors that they are still relevant. With the cash GM and suppliers GM has, they could have easily come up with a vehicle to compete with the Cybertruck at the same price point.
  • Did I get that right? They have 200 kWh battery with 350 range which is probably still on paper. Lol oh yeah and 100+ k price tag like they are start up Tesla back in 2012. Good luck. Maybe Fish will reserve this one as well.
  • Initial hummer got 2mpg. So sounds appropriate for an EV hummer.
  • I like the removable top but it looks cheaply made and not durable at all. And look they put 1 million cameras to show who is the boss to Tesla hahah
  • Pouch style battery packs don't sound great either.
  • Tesla Tap said it best, GM is a PR company now
  • 2020 Ford F-350 stripped is $32,000

    202? Hummer is $80,000

    Sorry GM, I was hoping for better but that wont move the needle much.
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    > @blkice said:
    > Tesla Tap said it best, GM is a PR company now

    I don't know. This is like the *opposite* of PR. This is like shouting "yah, we know everyone else out there is striving for peak efficiency within the confines of acceptable safety and performance, but eff that!"

    And I guess that's fine, there is at least one person out there who said he doesn't care if he has to charge 1 kilowatthour or 1 megawatthour as long as the car makes stated range. Maybe this is tailor made for him. It is indeed a great platform upon which to build "EVs are inconvenient" vitriol.

    "It could be a 1kWh battery or a 1,000 kWh battery. As long as Tesla delivers what it sells, miles, all is good." -eaglefish
  • Before someone corrects the Ford number, that's the price I negotiated at the local dealership. Also, it wasn't actually "stripped" as it did have some options. I didn't pull the trigger.
  • Is Crab Walk for making it easier to mow down pedestrians? No one would expect a vehicle to move diagonally.
  • Crab walk is basically an added feature to all wheel steering. It's helpful when backing up a trailer in a confined space or narrow drive.

    Using it to avoid crabs is silly.

    Humane, but silly.
  • It'll probably have a severe speed limitation.
  • All this talk about crabwalk kind of reminded me how im going to miss driving a small car when i get cybertruck. Then after all this talk, i remember that it doesnt matter because it will have auto-park.
  • Of course it does. It's for getting you out a tight spot, not cruising down the freeway.
  • Depends on how it's set up. The one that Chevy used would lock out four wheel steering at highway speeds but still used crab for lane changes. Or possibly the other way around. That was a long time ago and I never drove one so take that with a few grains of salt.

    Either way, probably more gimmick than functional. otherwise, all trucks would have them now.
  • I'll be reserving judgement on the Hummer EV until I hear a report from a trusted person who has actually ridden in, or better, driven one.
    I can see uses for their "crab walk", especially if good judgement takes over when off-roading. It might spare me from having to back down, or the stress and breaking of my hitch light as I do a 12-point turn-around in a narrow trail on the side of a cliff. However, I'm not sure that I think all-wheel steering could possibly be worth the added expense. Perhaps its GM's answer to Rivian's "Tank Steering"? Tank Steering, however, comes for free with a motor driving each wheel. This is going to require another steering mechanism.
  • > @"Earl and Nagin 08 RDS 359" said:
    > I can see uses for their "crab walk", especially if good judgement takes over when off-roading.

    Agree, it seems potentially useful.
  • GM hired TM to hype their ecological canines?
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