Wall Connector con it be retrofitted?

Can the recharger be connected to a power inverter ran off cigarette lighter plug of car or battery then wired to an auxiliary or main battery system to recharge as you drive. What about a power supply from inverter then setting exact voltage or amps?


  • So you want to take 150W from the 12v (the limit of that connection) and go through an inverter to 120VAC and then feed that back to the charge port?

    Yes, you could do that. It would only drain power and reduce range by about 0.5 miles per hour. There are losses from all these conversions as heat.

    If those conversions were 100% efficient (and they are not), you might not lose any range, You would never gain range. I can't see any value in doing this.
  • another perpetual motion idea. Sweet! Try recycling your food supply in the same way.
  • Maybe that's how he's coming up with all these crappy ideas.
  • I'm not understanding what the OP is attempting to do with all these nonsense posts. Funny that fish answers them like they are real.
  • Looks like cooperation between a seeder and a spreader.
  • ...or more accurately, a chummer and a troller.
  • Yeah, but they are so far off the map stupid to be taken seriously
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