Model S

Light Harmonic Speakers for Model S for $850

Light harmonic speakers are on sale at Amazon after applying the 10% off coupon for $899. On top of that Discover card is offering additional 5% off if you use your card on
The coupon just popup when you see it on amazon and you have to check the box to apply. Your savings come up in the cart. The 5% at discover you will see in the statement.
There is no Tax.
I was waiting for the deal...glad it came through!
I hope the investment is worth it after I install it because my basic system is worst than a Toyota corolla.


  • What is the coupon code?
  • there was no code. seems like sale ended.
    honestly after my experience i only needed 2 for the front door. the rear 2 i didnt even bother installing. there isn't enough power to rear speakers to make a difference in sound. i just upgraded the front ones and plan to sell the rear ones. they are all 4 same speakers with exact same speaker mounts/fitment so doesn't matter. LH need to sell it as 1 pair. rear speakers upgrade is a waste! (unless you adding power to rear speaker by adding amp)
  • Any reason you can think of that when I had MCU1 my two rear door speakers were just as loud as the front door speakers (when faded to rear) and had the same bass. After upgrade to MCU2 my rear speakers sound like crap, they are about 1/2 volume as before and absolutely no bass. Tesla SC couldn't figure it out and saw it happening on other vehicles with standard audio and MCU upgrade. I don't need light harmonics or anything, I would just like to get my rear 2 door speakers working as well as they did before.
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