Model X

Black Screen When using Voice Commands while driving

Does anyone have this issue on a Model X Black Screen rebooting while driving?

On the voice command button on the steering wheel, if I say play " Elvis Presley,” the voice circle starts listening sometimes. It gets it; sometimes, it does not. If it does not, I try again, but now the voice listening circle does not come on. I try a few more times and nothing no longer listening for a command.

A few minutes later, the large display goes Black and starts a reboot while driving, takes around 5 minutes to come back up, and loses navigation settings, just a circle going round and round.

Tesla just updated the computer to the newest one for self-driving; it seems to have no issues before the updated module.

A few other times is found the music played for a while then froze no sound – Went back to the voice command button pressed it again, not listening a few minutes later, the screed crashed black screen and rebooted. It seems to be each time the voice command freezes and does a reset

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


  • You didn't state the age of your car, but it sounds like you have MCU1, and it's starting to fail. This is separate from the Autopilot computer that you had updated. Here's an article I wrote with a lot more than you likely want to know about and various options for repair (it can be expensive):
  • It is a 2018 19,000 miles Tesla updated the MCU1 to the new MCU2 around 2 months ago and that is when the trouble started . The car has Auto pilot, Enhanced Auto pilot, Full Self driving capability. Its only when i use the voice button on the steering wheel and it not not understand the command and keep trying it crashes about 5 minutes later, Does a reset which takes about 5 minutes to come back up.
  • Just read your article very interesting - I seem to have this issue
    map rendering issues, reboots that occur by itself, reboots that take longer than 5 minutes or a completely black screen. I have all of these on the MCU2 but only when i use the voice command button and the voice command does not work correctly
  • I've never heard of flash memory problems on MCU2, but it could be anything. Clearly, a problem that needs to be fixed. Hard to guess what is wrong - might be MCU2, MCU2 connections, or something else.
  • That's scary, I took delivery this week and the car went dark once already while playing with the screen features but only for a brief period.
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