Winter tires necessary?

I have a MY with 20" wheels and live in Minnesota. How important is it to buy winter tires? Easier to swap out tires or get a whole tire and rim set?


  • I'm sure others will chime in, but you probably do need winter tires. Many here just buy a set of wheels for the winter tires and swap 'em out.

    Or, you can answer the question yourself in a couple of months. ;-)
  • I have been through 2 colorado winters in my M3 with standard tires without problem
    My wife has a set of winter wheels for her MX she says they make her feel safer.
    You will probably be fine with either
  • winter tires for minnesota , absolutely

    If you can afford it, Spend the money on a full winter set, swapping them twice a year’s is hard on the tires and increases probability of wheel damage from the process.

    And if you have a complete set, in a pinch, you can change them yourself if the tire center is backed up.
  • Are the 20's all season or summer tires.?
  • > @jordanrichard_629778 said:
    > Are the 20's all season or summer tires.?

    The stock (optional upgrade) 20’s would be all seasons
  • Generally there are three aspects to this.

    1. Will you get stuck or slip off-track with summer tires?
    2. Do regulations require you to drive certified winter tires? This happens in mountain areas in Europe, for example.
    3. Could all-season tires be a good solution for you? This depends on both your climate and your driving style.
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