Solar Panels

Selling House

We own a beach house iat Delaware Beaches, the buyer is buying our ocean block house and tearing down the house in about 10 months, we are paying off both leases, and the buyer doesn't want the solar panels, we can't give clear title until Tesla gives us an approval from managentment. We are dealing with Agent, Property and Title. Amy Higginson ... any insight to this issue of removing panels?


  • I know this doesn't help you, but as you've found, the sale process for a residence with a leased PV system can be a freaking nightmare.

    Future solar customers should do everything possible to avoid a lease or PPA contract from *any* solar provider in order to avoid complications during sale. Talk to a realtor...non-owned solar on the roof causes many a potential buyer to simply walk away, due to the complicated lease-assumption/termination process.
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