Model S

Intermittent app notification?

Lately, getting the app notification that charging is complete has been hit or miss. More miss than hit. Anyone else notice this? I have no problem with the app connecting to the car. Checked the app notification setting and it's on.


  • I haven't been getting supercharging warning notifications for over a year now. I got a new phone during this time and still dont get them. Doesn't really matter to me, after all these years I can kinda just intuit completion.
  • I assume you're referring to supercharging and not charging at home. I can't vouch for SC because I haven't used one in some time. But I got a notification yesterday morning that said, "Charging interrupted at 5:41 am with battery at 80%." It was strange, because I was charging in my garage and had the limit set to 80%.
  • I'm referring to home charging. I haven't used a supercharger in quite a while, either.

    I just went back into the app and noticed that a few of the notification settings were off (charging complete and summon). Must have happened during an app update (there was one a few days ago.) My comment in the OP about notifications being on was referring to the Android notification list.
  • I have noticed this too. I then check the Notifications on the app and for some reason, getting notified when charging is complete, got deselected.
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