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Are there any good Tesla customer support threads?

I know in general only negative experiences get voiced but it seems nearly all the interactions I see on the forum are negative, if you have had a good one how did you achieve this? I have had both good and bad with Tesla in my short time being a customer. In a weird way, I was excited to call for support after my initial good call, but it quickly went off the rails and I was caught off guard and it just seemed to get worse from there. Unfortunately more bad than good so far, I really only need one more good one and I will not bother them, tricks or suggestions?


  • Call...don't use e-mail, they often never answer e-mail. When you call, don't select "other issues" at the prompt, or you could end up in "Hold He||".

    These numbers seem to work. Please let us know if they don't.

    1-888-765-2489 or 1-877-961-7652

    My experiences with Tesla customer service have been exemplary, but that was before COVID-19.
  • I've also had an excellent experience with Tesla energy during a complex solar roof install. I expect you'll get a few of the complainers to bow in, but I think most people have good success with Tesla. Usually, those with no problems never visit the forums so it can look one-sided.
  • I am in the middle of an install. Signed contract in June, and install set for 11/2. Support has been hit and miss. Advisor sometimes answers phone, and usually gets an answer back in 2-3 days. Email support has never worked. It would be nice and much quicker if you could talk to designers, however, Tesla insulates the designers and engineers from customers. This means sometimes making 2-3 calls over the same issue before it gets resolved. As of now, most of my questions have been resolved and we are go for install. Fingers crossed.
  • This has been the worst experience of my life!!!!! I am getting about an hour or two from my two Powerwalls when using nothing in my house but my fridge and 77 degree air. The customer service and project advisors don’t exist. I want my money back!!!
  • dan, Start your own thread. It's impolite to hijack someone else's thread. With more information, perhaps we can help determine if you really have an issue, and if so, can suggest first steps for a solution.

    There are decades of solar experience represented by users on this forum. This expertise is at your disposal, if you simply start your own thread, and provide more, significant details.

    This is the second instance I've seen of you posting this identical info. Spamming other, unrelated threads with your complaints isn't going to endear yourself with the other users here, lessening the odds you'll get cooperation and help from us.
  • So, the latest call was cordial and hopefully helpful as it has been sent over to Technical Support, my main issue is the data in my app is wacky, overnight it will register my usage and that I am pulling that power from the grid. When the sun comes up and my solar kicks on my usage goes away and it starts showing me sending 99% of my power back to the guess is the power blaster is not setup correctly as this is happening consistently that past couple days.

    To be continued...
  • For those who got their installation...
    How many phone calls did you have to make?
    Let me guess 50...100 ?
  • They called me. Every time.
  • So, got a text from Tesla today asking me to call, the tech took a look and basically said they have not seen this before and need to send it off to the diagnostics team to troubleshoot the power blaster...

    The rep was pleasant and the call, although not able to solve the issue felt productive...

    PS - I never had to call and my installation was smooth and timely, the system is producing plenty of energy just the app data is out of whack..
  • *** Update ***
    Contacted support (@ 1-877-961-7652) today, and choose the Powerwall option and the rep was able to correct the issue. Apparently the power blaster was registered incorrectly and she fixed how it was registered and just like that I have consumption data now too!!!

    Thanks for the help and encouragement, I am now of the feeling that I just ran into someone on a bad day and that call went south quickly from there. Right now I would have to say although it took some time I am happy with the level of service I have received from Tesla.
  • It IS frustrating but can work. So far. After waiting 6 weeks for word from my power company to OK moving forward, I called both the power company and Tesla. Power company said they were backed up from hurricane that came through and needed time to catch up. OK. Maybe. Tesla rep answered my phone call and we chatted at length about the delay, saying they were waiting for OK from power company. Rep seemed very interested, engaged and helpful. Lo and behold, 3 days later power company sent me and Tesla notice that they have approved moving forward. I forwarded this notice to my rep a few days ago. Waiting now for next steps. It DOES pay to get involved and being civil about it with power co. and Tesla. Hoping the tax credit clock does not run out. And I don't wind up eating my words.
  • Yup. In these trying times, being your own Project Manager helps a great deal. As you found, the "squeaky wheel" effect is alive and well.
  • Yes there are
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > Yup. In these trying times, being your own Project Manager helps a great deal. As you found, the "squeaky wheel" effect is alive and well.

    I can't even work out how to squeak. E-mails are never answered. The customer support phone number is on perpetual hold. They have an option where they will call you back, but that always dumps me back in the queue when my phone rings. I held for 70 minutes yesterday, and just gave up.
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