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Three unintended acceleration events in my 2020 Tesla S Performance

I have had 3 dangerous unintended acceleration events with my 2020 Tesla S Performance when parking my S in the garage. Two events occurred on August 18 at 990 miles and one on October 12 at 1250 miles. All 3 were after a one hour plus spirited driving ride in which i used over 25% of my battery. We always take a 20 minute slow ride to allow the trans and engine coolant temps to drop. At 4:30 pm on August 18, it was 95 degrees in FL and the Tesla cooling fans were running until in after in the garage. I disconnect my seatbelt in the driveway and reset Driving mode to ‘Chill’ I park my Tesla on the left side and my GTR on the right. My wife directs me to position my right front tire against the 3 inch Riser on our 20” X 14” x 3/8 rubber Parking Mats. When my right front tire against the Riser, I release pressure on the accelerator which engages the brakes. At this location my Tesla front bumper is 19 inches from my workbench. I then push the Park button and exit the car. On this day the instant I pressed the Park button the car lurched 3 feet forward and over the 3 inch high mat Riser and hit my workbench. I instinctively hit the brake but the lurch happened in one second. My Tesla bumper had hit the workbench cabinets.. My wife’s face stands just inches from the right front fender. The forward bolt was so forceful it tossed the right mat backward four feet. I backed up and then I pulled forward to where I would normally park if using the mat and pressed the Park button Again the car bolted forward 3 feet forward into the workbench. Twice in 5 minutes, the instant I pressed the Park button which automatically engages the brakes, my Tesla lurched forward. 3 feet before going into Park. I then backed up far enough and got outof the car inspect the damage. The front bumper. was damaged and there was extensive damage to my workbench. We took photos of the damage to the car and workbench and covered the car. The next morning I tried to duplicate the incident but I could not. The next day I called Sarasota Tesla Svc and reported the incident. I them them a 3 page letter along with photos of the damage to the car and workbench. It still took me a week to repair the damageto the laminate workbench. A week later we went to Tesla Sarasota and I had them inspect the damage and numerous other flaws I had reported. Tesla engineers downloaded the EDR data from my car. I told Tesla Svc this would be an ongoing problem and would happen again. The Tesla mechanic told me Tesla will contact me in few weeks. I have received a thank you call from Tesla for ordering a 2021 Plaid but no calls about my incidents. We used our Tesla 4 times since the August 18 incident without problem. I left my seatbelt connected for these rides until after I pressed the Park button on the Parking Mat. I now know that disconnecting my seatbelt is a factor in causing this problem. On October 10 at :20 pm in 90 degrees heat we had a third incident. I had disconnected my seatbelt in the driveway. I had since sold my GTR and put the Parking Mat under the left tire. With both tires against the mat 3" Risers, I applied the brakes, pushed the Park Button and again the car bolted forward 3' over both 3" Risers. Using the brake had no effect. The car stopped just 1" from the workbench. Using both parking mats expended some of the forward energy and stopped the car from hitting my workbench. I sat in the car waiting for the cooling fans to cool the motors. My wife took photos of the car. I upbacked and exited the car. The left mat was tossed back 5 feet. The right Mat had was wedged under the right front wheel. I called Sarasota Svc the next day and reported the 3rd incident. I sent anther letter and more photos. Tesla engineers download the data from my EDR and have not responded. Tesla will never admit there is any unintended acceleration in any Tesla Robert Belt, Electrical engineers report states that the overheated Trans sensor delays and send multiple impulse to the 2 TPS sensors before going into Park due to overheated sensors from the drive motors. He got EDR data from a Tesla report given to a Tesla S owner who had a similar problem.( ( These Tesla flaws are dangerous and disappointing. Tesla knows about them and does nothing. I have resported all 3 incidents to the NHTSA.


  • Keif, is that you?

    Wrong pedal.
  • This is interesting because Tesla released a statement already that every accident is reviewed with NHTSA and there is no unintended acceleration. Maybe you need to use the brake pedal.
  • TEA SCORE 100.
  • At least there were no unintended paragraph spaces.
  • This was posted to TMC yesterday and Jason Hughes offered up his standard $10k bet that he has yet to lose. Crickets from the OP.
  • Read up on lying and unnecessary embellishment. Worst case I’ve ever seen.
  • It was as if the OP put up a wall of text to make people not want to read the whole thing.
  • > @gajafl322_98669638 said:
    > We always take a 20 minute slow ride to allow the trans and engine coolant temps to drop.

    Doesn't sound like you own a Tesla.
  • A copy of the complete post in because of the word limit which forced me to eliminated important relevant information. Every word in my post is truthful and it all happened as stated. I had prefaced the statement about 'taking a 20 minute slow ride' as what we did to cool the trans and engine coolant' for our current GTR and previous ZR1. The full introduction to my post is below and there was much more if you still have doubts about the varsity of what happened
    This was what I had written and could not included in my post.
    We enjoy fast cars and our last four garaged cars were a GTR, C6 ZR1, C6 Z06, and C5 Z06. We keep near new car outside which is now a 2018 Pacifica with 4200 miles on it. Our two high performance garaged cars are use only once a week and we have done this for the past 20 years. I have a raced cars at the drag strip and I am also an Instrument Rated Commercial pilot. I mention all of this only because readers immediately insinuate that all unintended acceleration event claims are the fault of older drivers or those not familiar with fast cars. Two events occurred on August 18 at 990 miles and one on October 12 at 1250 miles. All 3 events occurred after our weekly Sunday one hour plus spirited driving ride in our Tesla. I typically use over 25% battery power for the one hour plus ride. Using Ludicrous Plus mode in FL 95 degree heat and making numerous 1/8 mile or longer runs causes both drive motors and the transmission to get very hot which in turn transfers this heat to attached sensors. We then take 20 minute slow ride in our local 20 to 30 mph zones to allow the transmission and engine coolant temps drop. This helped when using our GTR and our previous SC ZR1 before going home. I have since learned this slow ride in our Tesla S actually previous ZR1.
    A 20 minute slow ride in a Model S after making numerous 1/8 runs actually increase Tesla drive motor and transmission temperatures temperatures and not decrease them.
    The unintended acceleration problem has been happening for many years prior to 2020. Please read Robert Belts, Electrical Engineer, article written in 2018. ( . ( His articles clearly describe how the Tesla Transmission Sensor delays when overheated by the overheated drive motors from prolonged periods of fast and then slow driving. Tesla engineers are obviously aware of this problem. According to Belt this unintended acceleration is caused by an overheated Transmission Sensor which causes a delay in the transmission going into Park. The Tesla Transmission Sensor shares a common ground with the two (TPS) Throttle Position Sensors for the Accelerator. Due to the extreme increased transmission temperature caused by spirited and then prolonged slow driving increases the transmission heat and Transmission Sensor temperature it hesitates to put the transmission in Park by hundredths of a second. While the Transmission Sensor in trying to send Park impulses it sends as many as 4 voltage spikes to the TPS Accelerator sensors in one second. The downloaded data from the EDR from drivers who have this unintended acceleration problem indicates the driver hit the accelerator 4 times in one second which is impossible Tesla should certainly be able to fix this problem even without a major recall.
    I will add the end of the post soon. Don't make rash statements before asking more questions. Thanks
  • Isn’t there a higher TEA score than 100?
  • You should have no trouble qualifying for Jason Hughes’ $10,000 reward then. Post a picture of the check.
  • The rest of my post stated the following:
    The NHTSA as of January 2020 states there have been 127 claims,110 crashes, and 52 injuries caused by unintended acceleration in Tesla vehicles. NHTSA wants Tesla to recall a massive number of cars and it will not. My own in-depth research into this type of unintended acceleration event in Tesla’s when parking is not new and has been clearly explained by Robert Belt, Electrical Engineer in a 2018 article. He was able to obtain then EDR downloaded data from a Tesla model S that had a similar unintended acceleration event when parking he car. Tesla claims that the software in the new Tesla S is 4 times more powerful than the software that was in the Tesla model S that when on autopilot ran into the side a white trailer truck jackknifed across RT 75 in FL in 2016. Authorities believe the driver was watching a DVD. No computer or ECU is infallible no one should ever trust one’s life to one.
    The Tesla S Performance with its 825hp/967 ft lb tq using Ludicrous Plus mode and LC makes for a very fast stock car. Its 2.3 seconds 0 to 60 time, 6.5 second 1/8 mile time, and 10.4 in the quarter mile are phenomenal for any car let alone a 4 door sedan. The Tesla SP is the fastest new stock car I have owned. The build quality in terms of body gaps, panel alignment, paint flaws, cracked mirror housing, and surface flaws are disappointing but the performance makes up for these flaws. Tesla has amazing technology but any auto ECU’s or computer can only correctly process the information from the numerous sensors if given correct and timely input.
    I have had 3 unintended acceleration incidents when parking my Tesla SP in my garage. I now know the problem occurs only when the Transmission sensor gets extremely hot. I doubt many Tesla model S owners drive their cars like I do.
    In spite of my ongoing issues with my Tesla S Performance I have placed an order for 2021 Tesla S Plaid if it is the 9 second car ¼ mile car as advertised. I am hoping that the Plaid three motor configuration will eliminate the sensors overheat issues and prevent similar problems.
    Tesla has called me to congratulate me on the purchase of a 2021 Plaid but no response yet about my 3 unintended acceleration incidents. I will enjoy my Tesla SP until I get my Plaid and make some changes in my garage parking procedure. The 2020 Tesla S Performance with the Raven updated battery is still a fun car to drive. Thanks.
  • Sure, sure. I had to rebuild a corner of the garage too. At least our kid was straight with us as to what happened.
  • Have you considered not buying a Performance Tesla, at least for the sake of the people and structures around you? Please?
  • My daughter still denies to everyone she turned too tight and hit the corner of the garage. Paint is still missing on garage, matching dents in car door, I watched her do it. The more time passes the more adamant she is it wasn't her.
  • Not possible for the car to move if you are firmly pressing the brake before your hit the parke button.
  • > @gajafl322_98669638 said:
    > Tesla has called me to congratulate me on the purchase of a 2021 Tesla S Plaid....
    Wow. I never got a call. Did anyone else? Reservation number xx5668y
  • @Ohmster
    For a $1000 deposit? A phone call. Yeah, no. More bullshit.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > @Ohmster
    > For a $1000 deposit? A phone call. Yeah, no. More bullshit.

    Sorry, my dripping with sarcasm emojis did not show up. :)
  • I got it. Just punctuation.
  • Not this again!? Whoever takes a “20 minute slow ride” after driving their car? We drive it, then we park it. No unintended acceleration in 207,000 miles.
  • Perhaps the OP should get a Pruis. Unintended acceleration is easier to handle. My daughter is about to outgrow the '03 Pruis. Only 240k miles and aforementioned garage rash.
  • I have a Plaid res as well, not that is a big deal. Store would not even return my call when I had a question regarding options.
  • The post is true as it happened. Read my entire post in The Tesla Motors Club Forum before making ridiculous and unwarranted insulting comments. I had to put the post it this site in 3 pieces. Please read all three. If you don't own a model S Performance or P100D and make frequent 1/8 or 1/4 mile runs then you wouldn't have the overheated the Transmission Sensor problem before parking, the car. At this point I don't care about the damage to my car I do worry about parking my Tesla in my garage when it is hot. I am still waiting for a reply from Tesla about the EDR download interpretation.
    If you didn't receive a call from Tesla after putting a deposit on a 2021 Plaid then you didn't order one. Below is a copy of my emailed reservation order number sent by Tesla
    Reservation Number
    Thank you for your order
    Email from Tesla: Thank you for your order
    From:Tesla<[email protected]>
    3:53 PM
    To [email protected]
    (Excludes tax, registration, discounts and fees)

    The only options available what are what posted on the site. I ordered the 21" Sonic Carbon wheels but wanted staggered.
    Do some reading and you will find that Tesla's superb technology is not flawless especially when it comes to unintended acceleration events and FSD incidents.
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