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2021 MX Delivery experience

Just took delivery of a white 21 MX with white 7 seat interior and felt some disappointment in the way that the seats were dirty with fingerprints on the seats and even the exterior looked like it was driven. As soon as I was walked over to my car, I noticed the front bumper color was different from the body color and was aligned unevenly on each side. All the doors and windows seem to function well but then noticed that the rear door window was not aligned to the rear quarter panel window. I expected a lot of wind noise from it but have not heard it yet. Then the trunk has so much space in between the trunk panel and the body.
Going back to the cleanliness, the Tesla rep was cleaning the interior of the car with a towel while I was looking over the car for any issues. The rep also took pictures and notes about the issues but did not schedule the service and was told that it would show up on my app once it was all set up. I looked at my app and it looked like a brand new order and my service appointment is a month from now, is this normal?

On the bright side, love the car so far. It is like no other car on the road.


  • Sorry you had a poor experience.
  • How long did it take from online order to delivery? I've heard of delays but I'm trying to get an idea if I can take delivery before the end of 2020. I want a white, 7 seater, with silver wheels. thanks
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