Very frustrated

Any suggestions on how to schedule a service for my car when the app doesn't work properly? We had a recent service, scheduled through the app, but now all I can see is the invoice for that service. And now the rear motor on my Model S has gone out. That alone is frustrating. Not being able to schedule an appointment, or contact anyone on any phone number, web site is beyond frustrating.


  • Google the service center, and call the phone number for the physical location. When i first got my car it wasnt in my app and i actually had to go there in person to get a service appointment. Call or go there in person.
  • Call the Emergency Service number and have them schedule a pickup of the disabled Model S.

    Looks like rash of phone contact issues. Might be a temporary glitch at Tesla servers with so many people reporting phone/service issues.
  • The most likely reason you can’t schedule a new appointment from the app is because they didn’t close out your previous service visit.
  • If the rear motor had “gone out” then call roadside.
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