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Just purchased Tesla Mod Y
I have spent 30 years as Intl Security Consultant. I worry about crisis closing the Grid! Feel there is a need for a Portable Solar Battery possibly as part of small trailer....the reason I added hitch to my Mod Y! Trailer could hold camping supplies but also “bug out” gear. If possible mobility charge and use could be a rental option for extended travel...500 to 750nm?


  • It would need to be a huge trailer to get much charging. Keep in mind unless you are able to adjust the location and angle of the solar panels, you'll get quite a bit less than the rated output. Let's say you have three 333W panels (1000W). That sounds good until you realize that 1000W is the peak output, in June when the sun is in the absolute best position relative to the panel and clear skies. As the sun moves, the output goes down.

    Let's assume you move your trailer to the best position and are able to set the angle of each panel. Over a 10 hour summer day, at best, you'd get about 4500W. Dragging a trailer, you'd likely require 350-400 Wh per mile, so at 350, that gives you 13 miles of range for all that charging. So while it helps, you'll have to park for two weeks to get just 182 miles of range. And this is the absolute best case. Most of the year it's going to be far worse.
  • Thanks, TT. Saved me the trouble.
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