Cost to go from enhanced autopilot to FSD.

I picked up my model y 2 weeks ago and paid 4K through the app for enhanced autopilot. Should I expect to have to pay an additional 10k to got up to FSD or will it be the difference. In retrospect I probably should have paid the 8 k when I bought the car.

Pricing for the various upgrades is not consistent.

In 2016 when I got my first Tesla I paid for FSD up front and never saw it happen. That’s why I decided to wait and took the intermediate step.


  • all you have to do is go the upgrade tab and see the price. You already know how if you bought EAP on it
  • The price is going up by $2k on Monday. Get it now if you want it.
  • I’m hoping for the rumored subscription route having already spent 4K for the enhanced AP
  • > @2manycars said:
    > I’m hoping for the rumored subscription route having already spent 4K for the enhanced AP

    You already have most of the goodies in EAP so waiting for the subscription makes sense, especially if you don’t plan to keep the car for many years. If your Model X is new, you already have HW3 so that’s not a consideration.

    What no one knows for sure is when the subscription will actually start and how much it will cost.
  • I paid 5k for Enhanced with I bought the car in Sept '18. Currently the Upgrade tab shows 5k for FSD which will include upgrade to HW3. I do not plan to upgrade but will report what it shows on Monday.
  • Elon updates the price increase date to Thursday instead of Monday
  • What will FSD add that Enhanced auto pilot doesn't have?

    Also I wonder if my cost to upgrade will change significantly or if it will remain the 5K. Id like to wait and see when the FSD will roll out to the masses, before spending the money. I had FSD on my 2016 S and never saw any benefit in the short time I had the car. Now the FSD seems to be a reality, but when. I just bought a model Y and as far as I know has a ll the hardware needed for FSD. I like the Enhanced auto pilot, and am not sure how much more FSD would add other than to local driving.
  • What will FSD add to EAP?, FSD features. Stop sign/light recognition, ability to use AP on surface streets and adhere to stop light/signs, make turns through intersections...

    Yes over time your cost to upgrade will go up, just like it has gone up over the last few years.

    ...and YAY I just got my HW3 upgrade via mobile service. Only took an hour on my LR RWD! Now I need to go drive it!
  • I bought the upgrade last week and it was $5k. Expect it to go up.
  • @derotam - did the upgrade require a SW update? Thanks
  • No, buying it activates the current version contained in the SW you have now.
  • I bought EAP in June 2018 and seem to remember that FSB was a few thousand more. Can't remember what it was, but are we still locked in at the price offer that we were given when we bought the car if we decided to get it in the future? If FSD ever comes then I might upgrade, but it will probably be better to just buy a new car instead if it's not going to be approved for another 10 years.
  • “ are we still locked in at the price offer that we were given when we bought the car”

  • @Tesla2018 - In 2018 FSD was $5,000 post-delivery if you had EAP. There was a time when you could add FSD for $3,000 during the configuration process, but they removed that option (maybe during 2018) and you could only add it after delivery.

    As noted above, the FSD upgrade price isn't locked in, so you pay the current upgrade price when you upgrade. I was lucky to get FSD for $3,000 post-delivery for our Model S in December 2018 (I negotiated), and I grabbed FSD for our Model 3 in early 2019 when it was briefly on sale for $2,000.
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