Excuse to drive: volunteer to deliver food for a food bank

I love to find reasons to drive my Tesla. I came upon a volunteer activity where I loaded up my car with packed food boxes and delivered them to seniors in need. It was a workout to load up my S and play box Tetris with the trunk and available space in the passenger area. I only had one place to drive to because there were multiple clients who lived in the complex. We were provided with wagons to cart the boxes to the clients. That was a workout, too, with taking trips up and down the stairs (without the wagon).

I had been looking for a way to volunteer that also allowed for social distancing. This project also enabled me to drive and get much needed exercise. The gratitude of the clients was priceless. A fellow volunteer said I was going to sleep well tonight. I agreed, in more ways than one.

I was impressed at the number of volunteers that arrived at the loading place. Vehicles of various sizes and the bigger ones had multiple people to load and deliver the boxes.

Check out your local food bank if you're interested in volunteering as a delivery driver. Thanks!


  • My mom does the same thing for the local (poor) immigrant community. Everything is delivered to her garage and she makes the boxes, loads them in her Model S and does the "jenga" (lol).

    Everyone loves the car, especially the young kids. When I went back last summer, I gave a bunch of (masked) rides and let the kids crawl all over the (loaner) Model X.

    Not sure we have many buyers, but many riders of the (future) Tesla Network.
  • Didn't realize food pantries were so nearby in our somewhat sparse area. People in need everywhere, more so now. Also noticed some familiar faces in the photos on the volunteer page. Good suggestion.
  • If you need a contact to volunteer yourself in Hollywood give me a hoy.
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