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USB icon for music disappeared! Due to 2020.40.8 update?

about an hour ago i told the car to go ahead and install the latest (minor) update (2020.40.8). Once it was done i went back to the car and started level 2 charging in my garage. then sat in car to listen to music for a bit. BUT, it looks like the Music icons have been slightly redesigned. The "Tunein" icon is a bit more complex than it used to be, and the "USB" icon that has been to the right of Tunein is totally gone! Instead there is a Settings icon and some kind of new music icon to play any music. Does anyone know if this is due to 2020.40.8? and does anyone know how to get my USB icon back? I tried swiping left then right and up and down but couldnt get it back. The USB is still in the usual port, flashing normally. I suppose i might try a reboot once charging is done, but doubtful that will fix it. I am suspecting this is a BUG in 2020.40.8.


  • Had that happen to me once. Your stick needs repair. Plug it into a windows 10 pc and it will probably ask you to repair it. Once the repair is complete it will work again.
  • This happens to me sometimes when I update. Unplug it and plugging it back in usually fixes it. Same goes for the Teslacam.
  • Had the same issue last week as well. Not only did the USB music option disappear, but also the red dashcam control light. I use the same USB stick for Dashcam/Sentry and USB music. Unplugging the stick and plugging back after 10 seconds resolved the issue.
  • @T_Scheen - To avoid misleading others here, I’ll note that using the same USB drive for both dashcam and media playback requires two partitions on the drive.
  • @EVRider: Correct. But I have found another solution: A USB adapter stick with two SD slots. The 1st slot (32GB) is for my music and the 2nd slot (128GB) is for my Dashcam/Sentry. Works great and hence occupies only one USB-A slot.
  • Thanks all for your good advice. I will keep them in mind next time. This morning when I went to the car and selected music, the usb icon was back!! and music played fine. Maybe just the car turning 'off' when I left it last night, and then turning on when I got in, helped it remember the usb? I also had done my usual level 2 charging overnite. and good advice about adapter stick/partition. would be nice to free up the other USB-A slot.
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