Model S

Refurbished battery-and upgraded for “free”

Had my bad (under warranty) 60 Kw battery replaced with a refurbished 70kw battery, and yes, now enjoy improved range.

Curious if other had this, and was anyone’s range software limited to the original battery limits? So far, mine has not been reduced...


  • I think it just depends on what batteries they have on hand. With a lack of 60 kW batteries, they can provide a larger one if that's available. Some owners might even get a 75 kW battery. The 100 kW battery has different electrical and fluid connections, so they don't install 100 kW into older cars.

    Anyway, it's really nice you got a larger battery with more range!
  • Can you share the stats your battery was giving you that prompted Tesla to honor warranty exchange? (range, etc.)? was it a degradation issue? or did the battery just die?
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