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Firmware 1.50.1

Got this a couple of days ago. Listed as "various bug fixes and improvements to performance, networking and alerts". Nothing obvious shows on the IOS app. Nothing obvious shows on the direct login. No apparent changes to operation.
Anybody else see anything ?


  • Mine is still running 1.49.0. Looks like a phased rollout (which is smart).

    Aussies with 1.50.? are reporting that the "Customize" option has disappeared. Oops! I expect that 1.50.?+1 will arrive shortly...
  • Oops! The Aussie problem appears to be with 1.49.x
  • I went direct from 1.49.0 to 1.50.1 - no interim releases on my path. I tend to get stuff early because I also have a model 3 on early access software as well. I was sort of hoping this might solve some of the customize issues out there and essentially wanted to alert folks that it is in the wild.
    Not sure if it matters - but I'm the guy that has triple redundancy on my connection (ethernet, WiFi and cellular).
  • I've always had 1.50.1 since they installed my PW 2 months ago. They may have downloaded the latest version during install?
  • Dodgerking - without searching thru all of your posts - any problems ?
  • > @Jones_lab_guy said:
    > Dodgerking - without searching thru all of your posts - any problems ?

    None that I know of. But I also don't have a previous version to compare it to
  • Did you have under the customize tab, Backup, Advanced and self powered options? Another poster said he lost some of those features.
  • All of the prior options are present in 1.50.1 (including vehicle charging during power outage option). No apparent changes or loss of control. No obvious changes in performance.
  • I have everything with 15.0.1.
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