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Gen 3 wall connector using 14-50 plug

I have a 14-50 outlet installed on a post along my driveway outside where I plugged in the mobile connector for the last year and a half. The mobile connector failed and the mobile tech told me it is not rated for outdoor use/rain. He recommended the wall connector which can handle rain. I want to attach a 14-50 plug to the Gen 3 wall connector and insert it into the current outlet so I don’t have to pay an electrician again. Is this okay to do? I saw a tutorial on another website on how to do it, but I’m trying to avoid more costly mistakes. Also, the breakers are 50A to the 14-50 outlet.


  • I put a 14-50 plug on my gen 3 wall connector and plugged it into my 14-50 outlet. Just configure the gen 3 wall connector for 50 amps in the config. It works great and if it ever breaks you can use the mobile charger in a pinch by just unplugging the wall connector.

    One thing to remember is the 14-50 is 4 wire and the gen 3 is 3 wire. I do not know if that is an issue outdoors. I would not think it is but you should ask a professional. You use the 2 hots and the neutral but not the ground in the gen 3 connector. I assume as long as the 14-50 is in a outdoor enclosure you would be good.
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