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Tesla Lending Loan Offer Disappeared (glitch?)

I applied for a Tesla loan for an M3 online and got a pretty high interest rate and down payment (1/3 of the car price).... much too high for me. I test drove the car the next day and talked to the rep who got finance to give me a much better offer which I was about to accept when I got home.

Upon logging back in via the email I received the offer had reverted back and finance department claimed it never happened for the second offer (but I have the email and saw it with my own eyes!).

Throughout the day the offer fluctuated between the original and a random figure I that didn't make sense. And now I am SOL, Tesla is telling me to go ask someone else for money.

Has this happened to anyone else and did you get it resolved?

I find this whole thing bizarre and pretty insulting TBH


  • well I worked in the car business for a long time and can tell you tesla just partners with a bank to do their financing which I believe is US Bank, and it has nothing to do with tesla, is the bank that approved you for a high interest rate and the bank has to approve better terms and a bank rep can pre authorize those changes but then his supervisor still has to approve and sometimes they don't.

    But if your credit is decent credit unions usually have a slight better rates than chain banks, specially if they are tech or energy credit unions.

    suck for the bad experience but the loan terms are completely on the bank not tesla. hopefully you see those terms back again, but if not you might have to shop your own financing
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