Cyber truck robo taxi fleet tax question

Hi all,

Im thinking about buying a fleet of Cyber Trucks to put on Teslas robo taxi network.

Im planning to use them exclusively as robo taxis.

My question is can i deduct 100% of the cost of the cyber truck fleet using the tax code Section 179? It was unclear if it would apply in this situation using them as robo taxis.

Any help would be appreciated!



  • Innovative idea, but robotaxis are way off into the future. I wouldn’t count them being real in the useful life of cars being sold with fsd today.
  • Then others believe it will be out next year. Some are doomsayers and some are optimists. Hard to pin a solid date, but I'd wait until the Robotaxi service is available.
  • Im not looking for recommendations on if i should do this or not. Just wanted to find out about Section 179 deduction and if it would apply in my situation. :)
  • I have used the 179 deduction many times for my businesses. I would say that there is enough superficial evidence from looking at a summary of the code (max cap ex to deduct, vehicles allowed, etc.) to warrant you asking your/a tax pro about it. It might depend on if the vehicle is paid of within the year it was purchased. Point being, it's great to plan for the future, but be smart, ask a tax pro. And find out if taking the deduction will prevent you from taking standard and/or itemized deductions on in service expenses.

    Then tell us. I am going to dedicate a CT for rideshare.
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