EV trucks: Workhorse and Lordstown (WKHS and RIDE)

Diamond Peak Holdings DPHC: NASDAQ changes to RIDE on Monday


  • I have a difficulty understanding what happened just now.
    The SPAC converts to RIDE.
    But are they diluting our shares 3:1?
    And did insiders just sell in Sep at $25ish only to rebuy diluted stock at $10?
    Does this smell, or is it all OK?

    I have a lot "riding" on this, Workhorse and Diamond Peak shares both.
    Is anyone able to see this clearly?
    I am not afraid to ask for help.
  • “ GM is excited about the progress Lordstown Motors is making because we believe they will help create more good-paying jobs in Ohio and especially in the Lordstown community,” said General Motors.”

    Is this what GM has become?
  • GM gave the Cruze factory to Lordstown, value of 20 million but no money changes hands.
  • The Lordstown Endurance is the lowest priced EV 'F150 killer'.
    It has a motor in each wheel, but I guess it wont worry the target market (commercial) with extra unsprung weight.
  • 150 HP in each wheel motor, like tjhe size of a 1 hp washing machine. How do they do that?

    Here it is:
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