Model X

Unknown error for days in app (unable to find car)

Since 7 days I have the unknown error in my app, unable to reach car, 1st 4 weeks driving it all went well. My Iphone 11 pro is fully up to date. Hard reset done. App deleted and reinstalled from appstore, check. None of this works. Raised a contact-me-ticket: no response from tesla. Driving a 100k Tesla X but simple “service” or “support” is not in place. Any tips or tricks how to solve? Somehow it looks like I’m the only one currently with this issue (car on wifi and car on mobile hotspot 4G and car on own 4G... tried it all) tnx for any tips & tricks...

Rik _Netherlands


  • When you said that a hard reset was done - was it on the phone, the car, or both? Other than resets, or trying another phone, it sounds like you'll need to take it into service. Easiest is to just set up an appointment in the app.
  • On both car and phone. Same erro on my wifes iphone 11 for this care. Looks like a service appointment indeed...
  • Mine is doing the same since Oct 22. Whats the cure.
  • Try to send a text to you car. It will wake your car up and your app will be able to locate it. At least that was the cure for the same problem with my Mx
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