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Michigan test drive 2017 model X?

I have been loving my Model 3 so much, my wife is actually considering a tesla for her next car. (I am the tech guy, she usually shys away from this stuff). She really wants an SUV that seats 6 or 7, so looking at an X for sure. But not sure we need a new one.

I am thinking a good used 2017/18 used model X would suffice, but it's kinda hard to find a place to test-drive one. Is there anyone out there in south-east michigan who wouldn't mind showing her a 2017/18 model X and maybe letting her drive it a little?

If anyone would be willing to help us a bit, please DM me. I would be very greatful.


  • Sorry, I can't help as I'm nowhere near you. Note there is no DM option in these forums. You'll have to provide an email, but don't put it all together to reduce spam scrapers. Something like myname at should work.

    Also, you might consider the Model Y. The 7 seater goes into production next month. Now the X is larger and has many really cool features, not in the Y, but the Y is very close to your 3, just larger.
  • Appreciated. Didn't know about lack of DM. (Learning). Figured we could go test drive a model Y easy, but an 2017 X isn't something the showroom would have.

    I do wonder how small the Model Y third row will be... Didn't seem like there is a lot of space back there.

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