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Map error in Nav

How often does Tesla pull map data from Google? I ran into my first map error this week: I entered an address, 1111 Ludlow St, Philadelphia, PA, and navigation found a route. I was blindly following it and wasn't concerned when it got me off the expressway at an exit I did not expect, which is not unusual given center-city Philly traffic. It took me to Ludlow St between 38th and 39th Sts and announced that I had arrived. I didn't see what I was expecting, and then it dawned on me that the address number where I was should be 38xx. No numbers were visible on any building there. I pulled out my phone and used Google Maps to take me to the correct destination: Ludlow St between 11th and 12th. So Google Maps had the correct data, but Tesla did not. When I got there, I tried to save it as a favorite in the Nav system, and it moved me to 12th St. I think it was a relatively new building and perhaps the address isn't in the database in the car? Do I need to report an error to Tesla, or will it self-correct eventually?


  • You can always submit a bug report but it should update itself. Tesla says they will be adding weather overlays and way points to navigation. This "MAY" include a map overhaul that will solve your missing info.
  • I have Tesla navigation errors also. It directs me to the opposite direction of the traffic flow, where I can have a head-on collision. This happens consistently. Tesla mobile service technician says that the navigation error is a known problems with Tesla. It will be corrected when Tesla will update its GPS version from Google Map when they activate FSD fully.
    Apparently, the navigation errors are common in Tesla. This is why Tsla drivers use their cell phone GPS instead. Amazon has cell phone holders that are designed specifically for Tsla dashboard or touch screen.
  • Tesla gets its maps from Google so if your using Google Maps on your phone you would likely have the same problem unless its a very recent road change.
  • Tsla service technician tells me that Tsla will update Google Map version when FSD is fully activated. Then this issue will be corrected.
    Currently, I am using Tsla navigation touch screen and my cell phone GPS simultaneously. When Tsla navigation errors show up, I follow my cell phone GPS direction to reach my destination. Tsla gps alone is not reliable because of its navigation errors.
    Apparently, there are lots of Tsla drivers who buy the phone holders that are specifically designed for Tsla dashboard or touch screen from Amazon.
  • Tesla doesn't use Google for navigation. It uses Mapbox for maps and Valhalla for routing. Only the display is google map. I have traveled cross country for 80K miles and have never had a nav error.
  • What area city, state, country are you traveling in when you see these errors?
  • I find the NAV voice sometimes gets 'right' and 'left' wrong for turns and destination location.
  • @drock I thought that happened once to me but I dismissed it as me being crazy. Confusing left with right doesn’t feel like an error a nav computer should be able to make. It’s like seeing an arithmetic error on a digital calculator.
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