Model 3

does FSD or auto steer, ect need to be activated for green light notification

does FSD or auto steer, ect need to be activated for green light notification. I have FSD. Never used it. Just got it. Less than 1000 mile are car so far. I have activated the green light notification on the screen. Will I get a notification sound without any self drive options in operation ( no cruse, no self steer no autosteer, no navigate on autopilot activated. )Just driving.


  • Yes if you are the first car in line it will chime when the light turns green.
  • dwmotrac_98726350: Yes, you have to turn on the advanced autopilot and all that, if I'm not mistaken. Further, when one is going about doing so, there are a number (at least two) screens of, "You are about to let beta software drive a two-ton car. You acknowledge that if you don't pay serious attention to what you and the car is doing, the bad results can result in injury or death." The above is my paraphrasing, except they actually _do_ say "Beta software". Multiple times.
    It also pays to Read The Blinking Manual: Either the one in the car, the downloadable PDF from Tesla, and, if you don't like reading on a computer monitor, print the blame PDF and read the paper version. There is extensive information on How It Is Supposed To Operate, Snivvys That Might Not Be Obvious, and Lots More Warnings. And the warnings are Real, Serious and not made up by lawyers who think it might not be obvious that throwing yourself in the middle of an ocean might result in drowning.
    Having said all that: At this point, using the FSD partial tools to get around town isn't half bad and isn't some kind of party trick, although there is some flavor of that to the tool set. But, like all tools, down to and including a hammer (ever pound your thumb with one?), there can be dangers involved, and it pays to know what those dangers are. Especially when one is tooling down the highway at 70.
  • Not sure what Tronguy was trying to say but my experience is you do not need to be in AP/FSD to get the green light chime but you need to be the first car in line.

    To try and think this a bit deeper, are you asking if you need the FSD/AP option installed to be able to activate the green light chime feature..... That I am not sure about, but you do not need to have AP/FSD engaged at the light for the chime to occur. However if you are not the first car in line for the light it will not chime.

    I have noticed a small glitch at some lights. I will sometimes get a chime for left turn arrows. Its strange because it seems to chime long after the green arrow appears. If I am in AP it doesn't proceed until my light turns green. Cant explain the delayed chime for some left arrows. I suspect it happens when the light is offset from the left turn lane.
  • Thank for your responses. I do have a printed manual. dated May 6 2020. I read a little each day. I was able to get out to a place with red lights today. The notification did work once. I did not have any auto options activated. (I was only one at the light all three times).
  • @ dwmotrac_98726350 - If memory serves me correctly, there is an option to enable/disable the green light chime. And No, you don't need auto-pilot, FSD or Cruise control engaged.
    But you do need to be out of park. :-)
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