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I'm just about to order a 8kW Solar panel system from Tesla and the ~$16k price being quoted is significantly lower than most other companies. Curious if people who have installed panels through Tesla have had any price surprises. Thanks in advance.


  • Nice deal. I paid $17K 5 years ago for a 3 kW system. I'd expect that will be the total cost if your roof is in good condition, but perhaps others can chime in.
  • Had a colleague order (and install) an 8kW system along with 2 PowerWalls in late 2019. Full disclosure of all costs with an itemized estimate and no surprises after the estimate (and contract). Perhaps the only surprise was the need to revise the main electrical panel (even though it was relatively new) to accommodate the switching hardware for the powerwalls. That price was fully disclosed and detailed in the estimate.
  • These prices are incredible. I paid $25k for 5kW in 2015 with Solar City. Out of pocket was $18k. I think the price reductions are fantastic for the industry, and have no regrets buying mine when I did. It's more than half paid off now, and has an ROI of over 8%. I just had to invest more....
  • If it's a competition for who paid the most per kW, I got mine in 2007 - 4 kW. $25k.
    Now everyone get out their calculators and figure inflation, cost of money, current day dollars....

    I win.

    As Greg says - no regrets. Bleeding edge is always highest cost and paves the way for lowered future prices. You are all welcome.
  • Mine was my second installation. I got my first on my other home in 1999, around the time we were driving two leased GM EV-1s. $30k for 2.4kW, but it did have PbA battery backup, which added about $5k. I have since expanded that installation to 4.8kW, replaced the batteries twice, and the inverter twice (once, under warranty).

    With all the upgrades and replacements, we've probably broke even, after a relatively long payback period. No regrets on that one either, because the planet and my children have benefited. It's all good.

    In 1999 I was "a crackpot". Now, I was "a visionary".
  • Greg wins.

    I can only admire his efforts and intents spanning so many years. I think visionary is actually appropriate.
  • At least my cars aren't covered in bumper stickers. There is that...
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