Model 3

Window close on lock problem

When I first set up the window close on lock function, I tested it a few times and it worked perfectly. I'm now running 2020.40.8 and the driver's window does not close when the car locks. The
other windows work fine. The drivers window goes up about 2 inches and goes right back down.
Any suggestions? I filed a bug report.


  • Hasn’t happened to me, but plenty of discussion on it here-

    Try some of those threads.
  • Almost all the problems I’ve had with post-drive features like this, had to do with user profiles. I had to learn to change settings on both my personal profile AND the ez entry profile. Once I did that, my problems went away.
  • Try calibrating the window. Roll it down and hold the button for 10 seconds then roll it up and hold the button for another 10 seconds. If that doesn't fix it then schedule a service call, windows are handled by mobile service.
  • @bjrosen: You nailed it! I ran the window down, held for 10 seconds. Then I ran the window up. First time it went up 5 inches then right down again. I ran it up - it worked this time, held for 10 seconds. I ran all four windows down, got out of the car. This time all 4 windows ran up and the car locked. Thanks for the tip!
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